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chandu • Jan 31, 2008

Sensor switch circuit digram

hello i studing in 3rd year mechanical. I need to do project. I had composed a project. For that i need sensor.So help me & and send one sensor switch circuit digram.Sensor shoude be sense a obstacal of distance of 3 to 30 feets.
rishisolanki • Feb 13, 2008
hey buddy u need to tell what kind of sensor which senses what??????????/
paresh22_11 • Feb 17, 2008
I agree with rishisolanki.
But u can use a RF sensors in any purpose.
for more help contact me.
rishisolanki • Feb 17, 2008
hey paresh thanks for guidance

can u tell me
RF sensors can sense light too??????
xheavenlyx • Feb 18, 2008
can u tell me
RF sensors can sense light too??????
Rishi dont be lazy and please please read up on sensors, first in your text book related to your course. If you dont find it there, read about it on the internet. Here is an article on "Sensors" from Wiki!!!

Sensor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Read the whole article.
paresh22_11 • Feb 18, 2008
Hey, rishi. Thanx for showing interest in my post.
The dude (chandu) needs a sensor for distance of 3 to 30 feet. As per my knowledge only 2 sensors r available for big distances. They r laser & RF. Laser is difficult to allign & as he is a mech engg student, i think he needed to sense some displacement. So the answer.
Plz inform any correction.

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