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durga ch
durga ch • Nov 12, 2009

sensitive key board

frankly speaking, I hate the noise of keystrokes. I was wondering if we can have the noise-less keyboards like that of a touch sensitive keyborad.
though we have seen many innovative technological advances, why are we sticking up with the old typ writer, noise making key boards?😕
Aashish Joshi
Aashish Joshi • Nov 12, 2009
there are holographic keyboards available..

The Holographic Keyboard - i.Tech Virtual Keyboard - Softpedia

do write a review after you buy one!! 😁
durga ch
durga ch • Nov 12, 2009
Its like gifting a kid with 500grms of chocolate when he asks for a toffee 😁.
I am not sure if all the entreprenuers will be able to afford such a hi-tech stuff, but fair enough it satisfies more than needed.
I was actaulyl refering to the board which is touch senstitive
just2rock • Nov 13, 2009
its good ...but technolgy curse always exist...even in holographic data entry...its must to have a bluetooth connection...simoly hack it & your passwords are getting shared to someone sitting in close proximity...😕😲:sshhh:
Aashish Joshi
Aashish Joshi • Nov 13, 2009
you mean something iphone-style?? that would indeed be a good idea..
I would hate to type on anything without tactile feedback. There exists keyboards that have a softer key strokes, they aren't that expensive 😀
skipper • Nov 13, 2009
My synth's keyboard is really clunky. I've thought about using some kind of filler in the big gap above the keys (in the case) which acts like a big resonator for when keys return to the default position - i.e. when you let a key go it makes a thud.

I want to dampen this - maybe some of that acoustic foam stuff you can buy? Or I could just live with it like I've been doing, since if it was a real piano they make a thud too.

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