SensaBubble - The Soap Bubbles That Display Advertisements

The world will always run out of space to display advertisements. But the fix's ready! Advertisers will no longer need big displays to be set-up to show their products and services. Instead a soap bubble of desired size will display the advertisement in the mid-air and when burst, the bubble will release a scent. The latest technology developed at the University Of Bristol will be demonstrated at an international conference ACM CHI 2014 between 26 April to May 1. We believe that this technology has the potential to redefine advertising!


The research paper published by professor Sriram Subramanian of University's computer science department describes SensaBubble as a chrono-sensor mid-air display system capable of displaying any information to the viewers. He believes that the technology would be incredibly useful in areas like gaming and education.

The SensaBubble technology can create bubbles with specified dimensions and intervals. It then fills up these bubbles with a special opaque fog which can be optionally scented. The fog controls the route of the bubble, allow for tracking the location of the bubble and project desired images onto them. Prof. Subramanian says that the sense of smell is quite powerful but it's not been used to create lasting impacts. Check out this demonstration video below -

Now let your creative juices flow and tell us where would you like to see SensaBubbles being used?

Source: April: SensaBubble | News and features | University of Bristol


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