Please do post latest seminar topics for ECE such as -
·Real time data acquisition system.
·Traffic priority for ambulance vehicle.
·Train collision avoiding system.
·Remote control switching system.
·Dtmf switching.
·Rtc based timer for appliance control.
·Multi channel sampling using adc.
·Embedded based variable frequency digital pulse generator.
·Heart beat monitoring.
·Wireless intellectual voting system.


  • ~on*kiyu
    · Real time data acquisition system.
    · Traffic priority for ambulance vehicle.
    · Train collision avoiding system.
    · Remote control switching system.
    · Dtmf switching.
    · Rtc based timer for appliance control.
    · Multi channel sampling using adc.
    · Embedded based variable frequency digital pulse generator.
    · Heart beat monitoring.
    · Wireless intellectual voting system.
    · Preprogrammabletemperature control.
    · Motor speed control through pc
    · Motor speed control using ir sensor
    · Multiple temperature monitoring and control
    · Watt hour meter using microcontroller
    · Variable speed dc motor control with digital rpm
    · V, i frequency monitoring through pc
    · Automatic signaling for unmanned railway crossing with wireless technique
    · Embedded system based digital entry lock for automobiles
    · Speed limited alert using high speed embedded controllers
    · Position control for stepper motor using microcontroller
    · Power factor monitoring and control
    · Rtc based agro motor control
    · Earth quake detectore
    · Three phase starter
    · Paper counting machine
    · Agriculture based dry and wet control.
    · Industrial monitoring system
    · Real time data acquistion system
    · Digital energy meter
    · Eb sim card
    · Microcontroller based mark statement with display
    · Heart beat monitoring
    · Auditorium control
    · Implementation of i2c protocol with rtc
  • andenagaveni24
    all these are old ones..most of these are presented by our college seniors previously..please do post some other latest ones

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