Self-Assembly - Can we make things that make themselves?

MIT researcher Skylar Tibbits works on self-assembly -- the idea that instead of building something (a chair, a skyscraper), we can create materials that build themselves, much the way a strand of DNA zips itself together. It's a big concept at early stages; Tibbits shows us three in-the-lab projects that hint at what a self-assembling future might look like.


How many of us think that this is actually possible?


  • Morgoth12
    It's possible most definitely.
    500 years ago, if I were to say that Earth is the center of the Universe, people would have been so sure that I was wrong that they'd be willing to burn me alive. Now we know better. The bounds of human thought extend far beyond what we've achieved today.
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    The bounds of human thought extend far beyond what we've achieved today.
    Well said.

    Human race is trying to replicate the nature in each innovative design.
    The matter of this debate can be directed to - Is it feasible/practical, important & sustainable to make things that make themselves?
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    A very good example of a proposed design is the spider type machines that build the carbon nanotube structures for Japan's Proposed "Pyramid City"
  • magnatron
    its a good concept having its own demerits, if these nano machines have intelligence, then if we make something out of it may lead to collective intelligence, say in case of a building... that's alarming 😐
    The technology is already close to be reality. At least scientists have taken some initial steps in this regard. 😀
  • magnatron
    yeah, i read it a long time ago, but is it good? collective intelligence is surprisingly and frighteningly efficient like in case of an ant colony. so it will have some intelligence, and will do anything for its existence (like us). think about it.

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