The ability of a reciprocating internal combustion engine to empty and fill its cylinder efficiency is fundamental to its successful operation. The intake and the exhaust operation of the engine with respect to the movement of the piston is done by using valve systems. The valve train system consists of the valves and the mechanism that opens and closes them. The opening and closing system is called as cam shaft. The cam shaft has lobes on it that moves the valve up and down. Most modern engines have what are called over head cams. This means that cam shaft is located above the valves. The cams on the shaft activate the valves directly or through a very short linkage. Older engines used camshaft located in the sump near the crankshaft. Rods linked the cam below to valve lifters above the valve.

The RCV engine shares the same induction, compression, power and exhaust strokes as found in conventional four stroke engine, but its principle different lies in the manner in which intake air exhaust gases are respectively induced into expelled from the cylinder. True to its name RCV engine mounts its cylinder on bearings and the entire system is geared to rotate at half crankshaft speed.

The RCV 4-cycle engine has only one more moving component than a 2-cycle engine –the rotating cylinder itself. The cylinder is suspended between two bearings which allow it to rotate freely around the piston; the piston, and crank are entirely conventional.

A gear formed around the base of the cylinder meshes with a 2:1 reduction gear on the crank. As the piston reciprocates and the crank turns, the cylinder rotates around the piston at half engine speed


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    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    It was introduced in 2006 which was a 125cc scooter
    rotating cylinder valve engine and it has some advantages that it can well run on kerosene and bio-fuels.It has a better advantage of producing good power/litre with a added advantage of low emission .
    It provides premium performance at low cost.Provides better volumetric efficiency.
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    The RCV engine shares the same induction, compression,power and exhaust strokes as found in a conventional four-stroke engine

    has only one more moving component than a 2-cycle engine -the rotating cylinder itself.
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