Rivalry on CrazyEngineers

...not among members, but two of our ad-spots are actually fighting against each other.


Who will win?


  • Raj A
    Raj A
  • Satya Swaroop Dash
    Satya Swaroop Dash
    Well, according to me neither. Why? Both the parties have never managed to get full majority in the past two decades they all depend on the support of other parties to form the government. So the real fight is not between Feku and Pappu, it’s between UPA and NDA.

    The winner will be somehow UPA but I am rooting for NDA due to the following reasons:

    • People will favour someone who is actually able to handle such a post. They will opt for Narendra Modi since he has been doing a good job as a CM. His competitor however has managed to be a just an MP for of an area that isn’t that complex to handle.
    • If we go by the trends shown in the four assembly elections held last year we see that people are giving a chance to BJP and Congress has managed to lose spectacularly.
    • Finally it comes to the leaders. BJP has announced a PM competitor for the polls but Congress seems to be quite hesitant while naming Pappu as their official choice.

    Mini Rant: STOP those stupid Ads on TV I am getting sooooo pissed off.

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