Rhino Shield - The mobile screen guard that protects your Gorilla Glass

When it comes to guarding the mobile screens, no one does the job better than the Rhino Shield. This mobile screen guard is capable of protecting your displays even when hit with a hammer! Does that sound too good to be true? Well, be ready to fall off your chair because it costs only about £20 - which by no means a big price to pay to protect your precious iPhone 5S. The Rhino Shield is just as transparent as it should be and just 3x thicker than your regular sheet of paper. But it's capable of absorbing 5x the impact that a Gorilla Glass 2 can take. Pretty impressive, huh?


The Rhino Shield is a result of a successful Kickstart project launched by Cambridge spin-off called Evolutive Labs. The shield has been made from custom-formulated polymer with a transmission rate of 95%. It's not only tough, but also scratch resistance and also repels fingerprints and other oily touches. A multiple layer sheet of the polymer is only 0.29mm thick and can be applied to the iPhone's display without leaving any air-bubbles between the two. The overall functionality of the iPhone's display remains intact with the Rhino Shield on.

But don't take our word. Convince yourself of the goodness with following video demonstration of the drop test. Do tell us what you think about Rhino Shield and enlighten us by drawing comparisons with Gorilla Glass 3!

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  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    20£ !!!!!
    you gotta be kidding.
  • Sanyam Khurana
    Sanyam Khurana
    This one is really good and at this price, it's very cheap too...

    Really great thing to have for high range smartphones having gorilla glass..
  • mani auto
    mani auto
    yeah... its nice one to provide screen and also its so cheap.. it is one of the best invention..great
  • Jibak Baksi
    Jibak Baksi
    I think some innovation in terms of water proofing the device in a unique manner, would have been more helpful. I mean what help would it be in case your phone is protected against a hammer hit... How much prone would your phone really be, to get hit by a hammer??!!

    It might come in handy, when you get run over by a automobile, but your phone stays protected...But would you be really needing the phone after suffering such an accident? Just give it a thought..... 😀
  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    One of the most important innovatin which every smart phone user wanted and pricing amazing

    The maximum strain it can withstand seems promising and also is there any other variants for other mobiles
  • Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Saandeep Sreerambatla
    I must say this is a wonderful invention! if combining this with the air bag technology of Amazon, then phone is always safe!

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