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m.vivekanandan • Apr 11, 2012

reversible process ?

can some one please help me where i can find or tell me how to draw the TS diagrams for reversible processes like isobaric,isochoric,isentropic,isotherma,polytropic processes etc..or otherwise how to draw the TS diagrams to the corresponding PV diagrams???
mechky • Apr 11, 2012
Drawing T-S corresponding to P-V

On P-V diagram, lines of constant temperature(isothermal process) curve from upper left to lower right. An adiabatic process is shown by dashed line since change occurs in temperature, pressure and volume during adiabatic process.
On T-S diagram, lines of constant pressure(isobaric process) curve from lower left to upper right. An isentropic process appears as a vertical line since there is no change in entropy.

I hope this will help.
m.vivekanandan • Apr 12, 2012
yeah i got it !!😀 can i know the source from where you found this???
mechky • Apr 12, 2012
yeah i got it !!😀 can i know the source from where you found this???
m.vivekanandan • Apr 13, 2012
thank you

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