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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 16, 2017

Reservation for girls in IIT - for it / against it?

Just came accross this: Reservations for female students in IITs could soon be a reality. A committee was formed to increase the enrolment of females in IITs has recommended 20% reserved seats for girl students. The reservation is likely to come into effect next year. I'm wondering what do our CEans think about it.

I'll start by throwing in my views:

First, I don't get the logic behind 'increasing the number of girl students' in IITs. What's the main reason behind wanting to increase the number of girl students? Second, isn't it like saying "girl students can't compete with boy students", so keep 20% seats reserved for them. I'm not sure what exactly will be achieved by increasing the number of girl students in IITs.

I'm all against it!

What about you?
Reservation is a tricky thing again, Its not that girls cannot compete. We are truly living in a society where people still believe that boys are better than girls. To take out this feeling there are many campains and many achievements (PV Sindhu for eg) but still majority of the people still have that feeling.
So I support it.
Its not that girls need reservations, but if you continuously say girls that they are NOT capable of IIT - then that idea will be imbibed in their head. Now even if they are capable they will not take it seriously (since they have wrong version of themselves in their head) So increasing reservation will wake many and they will try hard in achieving and if they remove the wrong version they will surely achieve it.

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