Reducing heat dissipation from engines

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sir i have an idea .i want to discuss one thing and also i need some imp suggestions from you .i am coming to the point . if we sit in lorry beside the driver ceat we feel very hot because of the engine now i want to decrease that heat producing from the engine. on this topic i want to do my 4 th year project(iam mechanical).now i want suggestions from you how to do this? ie basic idea ,and also this idea is valid or not .i want some path to complete this successfully.


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    Re: i want suggestions

    Ok, Let me first welcome you to CE. Now, before I begin answering your question.
    First thing. You should post your Questions in the Valid Section. In this case the Mechanical Engineering Section. You will find that a lot of people will answer your queries.
    Second, Introduce yourself to the whole community. This will help you and us in knowing each other better.
    Third, Please refrain from using SMS language in your posts and it will be highly appreciated if you format the post properly before posting it.

    Now to your Question. The engine emits heat as the bulk of energy provided by expansion of gases goes waste in the form of Heat. If we increase the efficiency of the engine then this waste heat will be less. You can also search on ways to use this heat effectively. A friend of mine is researching on working the car's air conditioner using the waste heat.
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    i'm somesh crazy mchanical .... hello to all
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    sir i want some ideas abt 4th yr projects
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    i'm fresh for tis site
  • gohm
    Also increasing the efficientcy of the cooling system as well as employing better heat deflection/insulation materials to shield the heat away from the cabin and also vital components. Creating new materials to contruct the engine out of for more efficient heat transfer rates is also a good idea to look into.
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Balsa wood is a good heat insulator to start with! Also, looking at how vacuum flasks work, its possibile to apply that with the whole engine block (or just the subsystems that generate the most heat). The heat outlet can be directed away from the cabin.

    I'm not sure how the research of silicon nanowires is progressing, but you can use them as thermoelectric converters to convert the heat back into useful energy. Just wrap the engine up with them πŸ˜‰
  • gohm
    High end ceramic tiles also would be great to insulate with as they absorb a lot of heat and dissipate it quickly. An added bonus is they are non flammable.
  • Cougar6zulu
    Or you could try a ceramic block, General Dynamics is currently testing A ceramic outer shell version of the AGT1500 turbine that is used in tanks and blackhawks. reducing heat(not exhaust) wasnt the focus, but definately a +.

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