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jeenalkamdar • Feb 15, 2011

Red Tacton Technology Abstract On Human Area Networks

Ever thought of becoming a network provider? Now you can be. The latest technology which is still under development is RedTacton. RedTacton is a Human Area Networking technology which uses the human body as a safe, high speed network transmission path. It is different from wireless and infrared technology. A minute electric field is emitted on human body and this electric field is used for networking.

Each device you wish to communicate with; must be equipped with a RedTacton transceiver. And once the RedTacton transceiver which you wear is programmed to detect the other device’s transceiver; connection is established. RedTacton uses point to point network, know as Piconet. Thus information can be exchanged between two transceivers without the need of a server to process information. So imagine holding your iPod in one hand and your other hand on your laptop and you can transfer songs to your iPod. The data transfer rate is upto 10 Mbps.


RedTacton technology can be used for the protection of weapons. There is a huge black market of stolen weapons. We can reduce this black marketing using the RedTacton technology. We can manufacture weapons with a built in transceiver and have another transceiver which is programmed to fire the weapon. So without this transceiver, the weapon cannot be used. This technology has many more application in the field of Medical Sciences and some Consumer Applications as well.

RedTacton faces competition with technologies like IrDA, Bluetooth, Radio waves, Zigbee etc. Bluetooth is also a short range transmission technology but is unsecure. The connection can be tapped and data can be misused. Apart from so many competitors, this technology also faces other obstacles. Since the technology is new, it is expensive in terms of cost and time required to develop it. Also it will require time for people to adopt this technology and until many people do not use this technology, it won’t be successful. Each technology has its positive and negative aspects and with time it undergoes changes. So with time, we will surely discover whether RedTacton will prove to be a boon for networking or not.

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