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overhaulin • Feb 9, 2009

recharging the battery of electric vehicle while it is running

hi CE's. i am a mechanical engineering student. for our mini project we are trying to do project on recharging the battery of electric vehicle while it s in motion. the options are by coupling an alternator(ie dc generator) to drive motor shaft and using the generated voltage and also installing solar panels which produces electricity when vehicle is used in day light.
can u people please help me for betterment of my project. are there any things much better that can be added to this concept ? please help.
thanks is advance.😀
gohm • Feb 11, 2009
what about using the brakes to charge?
Differential • Feb 12, 2009
Hi and welcome to the forum!
Here, I would want to underline the law of conservation of energy. "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can be simply converted from one form to another".

Now, when you say, recharging battery when the vehicle is moving, you will use energy from battery itself. So isn't it like charing a battery using another battery?

Solar panels are the only extra source here. You can directly charge your battery using solar insted of using motion of a vehicle (Kinetic Energy).

Again, charging battery using brakes is conversion of Mechanical energy from human muscles into electrical energy. This is possible, but some part of your force will be used for recharging and remaining for braking.

Let me know what you guys think ! 😀
raj87verma88 • Feb 12, 2009
Some crazy ideas:-
1) Using heat dissipated due to friction when brakes are applied
2) Making use of the rotation of drive shaft to rotate dynamos
3) When a vehicle moves the wind flows around it, rather the vehicle moves through it but the concept of windmill may be used to convert the Kinetic Energy of wind
4) Solar Panels
5) Fuel Cell
6) Here is a process which CEan - Steve has developed. You can try to apply this. But ask Steve's permission and instructions before going about it.
7) Using the sound energy when you blow the horn(very minute change though) or of the music system/radio in the car.
8) Using the light and heat energy of headlights and tail lights of the car
9)Heat energy and kinetic energy of the exhaust gases.
gohm • Feb 12, 2009

In regeneration of an electric vehicle, the braking torque is supplied by electric motor, no human directly involved. the motor torque generates resistance on the turning wheels which slows the vehicle. Now also the motor is turning and generating electricity which is fed back into the battery pack. There's also no seperation of force.
Dan68 • Apr 6, 2009
You really have to look back at the main principles. If you drive the car and charge the battery from a generator directly of the motor you will have an over uniity machine. cant happen. you can stop the car be removing the energy of the vehicle moving and store it into the battery. you could possibly look at some sort of inductor from the bumps of the car constantly going up and down
nitesh604 • Apr 8, 2009
something is generated in my mind why we not using exaust air will leaving from automobile. we make a small turbine and placed it near to exhaust air leaving from automobile.then turbine rotates and start generating electricity with the help of that electricity we charged our battery.
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Apr 8, 2009
Well, recycling the exaust gas is the main principle of turbochargers in engines.. though more from their heat than the force of the air. Maybe you can adapt a turbocharger design to create electricity instead?
Vijay Balaji
Vijay Balaji • May 13, 2009
you can use a nozzle and while moving the velocity of air increases due to nozzle..from the output of nozzle connect a small turbine from the turbine to a motor and from a motor to the battery to be charged

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