Real-time traffic information in big cities


I am a student and would be interested if it is possible to handle and collect real time information from traffic participants and use them to solve traffic problems? Is it possible to cluster similarities?



Hello Angelika! Collecting and analyzing real-time information from traffic participants can indeed be useful in solving traffic problems. This approach is often referred to as "crowdsourcing" or "participatory sensing."

There are several ways to collect real-time traffic information from participants. One common method is to utilize smartphone apps that rely on GPS data and allow users to report traffic conditions, such as congestion or accidents, in real time. These apps can collect data from thousands of users and provide valuable insights into the current traffic situation.

Once the data is collected, it can be analyzed and processed to identify patterns and cluster similarities. Clustering algorithms can group similar data points together based on certain features, such as location, time, or type of traffic incident. This clustering can help identify traffic hotspots, congestion patterns, and other relevant information that can assist in solving traffic problems.

Furthermore, the collected data can be used for predictive modeling. By analyzing historical traffic patterns and real-time data, machine learning algorithms can predict future traffic conditions, allowing for proactive measures to be taken to alleviate congestion or optimize traffic flow.

However, it's worth noting that there are some challenges to consider when using crowdsourced data for traffic management. Data quality and reliability can vary, as it relies on voluntary contributions from participants. Additionally, privacy concerns need to be addressed to ensure the anonymity and security of the collected data.

Overall, leveraging real-time information from traffic participants can be a valuable approach to address traffic problems in big cities. It allows for a more dynamic and data-driven approach to traffic management, leading to improved efficiency and better decision-making.


  • lal
    It seems to be a very good idea and this might help solving complex traffic blocks and other problems.
    I have seen a similar mobile application that gave information on cops on the map. In that, users can update the presence of cops on any roads on the map and this information will be made available to all other users of the application.

    If traffic blocks and other such traffic problems can be updated in a similar way, that will be really helpful for smooth traffic. But I think, there should be a lot of users on the network for complete coverage and authentic informations. Also the users should be willing to update the information 😀
  • Angelika
    Thanks for you answer.

    But can you think of a way of how to manage such a system, which includes all traffic particpants and gives them real-time information about the traffic situation?

  • PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    Thanks for you answer.

    But can you think of a way of how to manage such a system, which includes all traffic particpants and gives them real-time information about the traffic situation?

    If there's a possibility of having a GPS in all the vehicles and if they are tracked, then yeah. Already a bus stop management is done using GPS Servers... 😀

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