• Raspberry Pi will soon have newly launched Wolfram Language - New C++ & Java Like Programming Language as standard system software. The Wolfram Language, which was announced by Stephen Wolfram about a week ago as 'something very big' will be bundled with your Raspberry Pi. Wolfram announced in his latest #-Link-Snipped-# that his team has been working with Raspberry Pi Foundation and there's a pilot release available of the Wolfram Language & Mathematica. It's still an unfinished glimpse of the capabilities of Wolfram Language.


    Wolfram writes that he believes in importance of programming as a central & integral component of education. He wanted to see the #-Link-Snipped-# running in its complete form on an embedded computer and Raspberry Pi running Wolfram Language is a realisation of his dream. Though slower in execution (by almost 10-20x, as compared to any typical laptop), the speed is just fine for any typical Raspberry Pi application.

    There are two applications on Raspberry Pi powered by the Wolfram Engine - first, a command line version of Wolfram Language and Mathematica with its notebook UI. Wolfram provides examples of how the technology stack can be used to switch on LEDs by setting voltages on GPIO pins-

    In[1]:= DeviceWrite["GPIO", {4 -> 1, 22 -> 1, 25 -> 1}];

    Wolfram believes that with Wolfram Language running on Raspberry Pi; there's a new path for learning programming and then connecting it to the real world. If you create anything using Wolfram Language & Raspberry Pi; our #-Link-Snipped-#section is open for you to showcase your contribution.
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