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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 7, 2006

Rang De Basanti Poll

Hey Guys!

Saw "Rang De Basanti" last weekend. 😁

Yet another Amir Khan starrer. The plus point of the film is the story and the message it wants to convey. Presentation, I think could have been better. The movie actually takes off after the interval. Songs are superb. My fav. is 'Robaroo' (coz of the Guitar) & Pathshala. Amir Khan rocks with his performance. Overall rating 6.5/10.

I didn't like the way the concept is put forth. Its about changing the system, destroying the corruption. But can it not be done in a better way? Its a movie afterall. πŸ˜‰

Flood in your reviews!
After a long time i saw a bolywood movie which is worth to watch.
Good work of Aamir Khan, and compony....
although flash back part should be lessen...
but still its a nice movie
i will rate it as 8/10.

rick • Feb 9, 2006
I may not comment on the movie unless someone translates it for me πŸ˜›
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 11, 2006
Hold On Rick ! πŸ˜€

You'll have to take a local English-Hindi translator to do that for you.

Do let us know your opinion once you see the movie πŸ˜‰

-The Big K-
rick • Feb 12, 2006
aaaaaaa aaaa sounds good 😲 I'll find someone to do that. what is Rang de basanti all about anyway?
Prachi • Feb 16, 2006
Good movie!!

A good movie after a long time!! The concept is really nice. They cld have ended it in a better way ..I think πŸ˜€ but overall a good one...Think we need some more inspirational movies like this one!!
aashima • Jun 16, 2006
worth givin it a 3 hour time...

though the plan to see the movie wasnt very much preplanned... still am glad that we did...coz its one of the very rare movies of today which u realy dont regret watching after walking outta movie theatre.... awesome direction and a splendid blende of two diffetrent generations..... if given a thought... it can really be a very inspiring one.... so all those who havent got a scoop yet...i wud suggest...pleez proceed πŸ˜‰
aditi • Jun 23, 2006
Here R Lots Of Fans Of Rang De Basanti.. But I Didnt Like D Movie PERSONALLY.. DONT U THINK DAT Dere Was A Lot Of Mismatch Between The DIFFERENT Situations SHOWN In D Movie... No Doubt D Performances Of Each N Every Actor Was Superb... But Den Also I Wil Rate It 5/10.
ish_nalini • Dec 4, 2006
Really the movie s coolllllllll

basically i dono hindi by a translated version i saw that movie
really heart touchin film ...........\
all of them should watch outta!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁
Prasad Ajinkya
Prasad Ajinkya • Dec 16, 2006
I loved the movie, the concept is good, the idea behind the killings is novel ... eradication of corruption ... the delivery/execution is not possibly the best

But, as a movie, it tops on my great movies list ... right there with the classics!

How many movies have we seen over the past couple of years which have really made you think?
ankur8819 • Jun 6, 2007
the movie rocks for sure....after such a long time i have seen such a nice and inspiring movie...
the director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra has done a fabulous work😁
hats off to you sir
ash.techie • Aug 1, 2007
hey guys.....rang de of the best bollywood movies ever talks of patriotism in modern sense......... aamir khan starrer.....the movie is really cool...

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