Rampant Piracy Will Be The Kindle DX’s Savior

[​IMG] Earlier this week, we got our first #-Link-Snipped-# of the Kindle DX, Amazon's upcoming E-book reader that has taken the original Kindle's nearly prohibitive $389 price tag and bumped it up to an even more exorbitant $489 for good measure. Granted, the DX has one major improvement: a bigger screen that makes it suitable for textbooks, professional journal articles, and even newspapers. I've spent the last few days mulling over the future prospects of the new device, and up until a few hours ago my forecast was looking pretty grim. But then a lightbulb went off over my head: pirates are going to save the Kindle DX. But before I get to that, let's address why the Kindle DX is poised to fail. The Newspaper Strategy Three major newspapers have banded together for an experimental trial run on the Kindle DX, offering cheaper long-term subscriptions to customers in return for the fact that their distribution costs will be next to nothing. The newspaper angle might be attractive for a few people, but I'm not convinced that it's actually going to sell many Kindle DX's - at least, not without the newspapers subsidizing the device's cost as part of a subscription plan. Over $500 after taxes, plus paying for the newspaper subscriptions themselves, for convenient accesss to content that is already available for free online? I just don't see it happening.



  • sjatkins
    There are two reasons I may get the Kindle DX.
    1) The better size plus landscape for docs with diagrams;
    2) All my extensive technical PDF collection is immediately available without compromise ('cept for color).

    Of course the thing will not be appreciably smaller than my Mac Air which I can do a hell of a lot more with.

    A true Kindle killer developments would be for Amazon to build reader client. They wouldn't sell so many Kindles after a while but they would sell a HUGE number of ebooks.

    Newspapers and old school mags? No way. The web versions are more interesting. Hmm. Except for a few that aren't web based at all.

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