QUIZ on English Usage -Tenses

Solve the following quiz based on tenses :

I ___________a Dell laptop.
  1. am having
  2. have
Clients _________with us weekly through emails.
  1. are interacting
  2. interact
He is unavailable now since he __________ onsite.
  1. works
  2. is working
Last week our business unit _________ a new integration project.
  1. begun
  2. began
My colleague and I _______ the meeting yesterday.
  1. has attended
  2. had attended
No sooner _________________ than I realized what was going on at the meeting.
  1. did I arrived
  2. had I arrived
My team leader _______ the preplan for our project an hour ago
  1. seen
  2. saw
Neetu ________ (work) in ABC for the past 4 years.
  1. Has worked
  2. Works.
Before you even ______________ to the problem, the client ___________his decision
  1. responded, had made
  2. respond, has made,
  3. responded, has made
  4. respond, had made
Last night, I __________ for a project party.
  1. went
  2. had gone
  3. had went
  4. will have gone


  • silverscorpion
    1) have
    2) interact
    3) is working
    4) began
    5) had attended
    6) had i arrived
    7) saw
    8) has worked
    9) responded, has made
    10) had gone

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