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zaveri • Jun 1, 2013

Question regarding refrigeration:

Here is a questions regarding refrigeration:

now talking about the refrigerators, which we use at home, it is said, that the food stuffs stored in it should be at room temperature or below, but it should never be above that, else this may damage the machine.

now is this true or is this just a myth formed by laymen end-users. even if storing some article at a high temperature does cause the refrigerator to malfunction, then how does it happen ? which component fails, the compressor, evaporator, or the condenser or the expansion valve ?
Kedar Malwadkar
Kedar Malwadkar • Jun 2, 2013
No, i don't think that if some article at high temperature damages the refrigerator. But placing some hot stuff in refrigerator may increase your electricity bills, as it increases the power consumption which is needed to lower temperature of the hot article.
Kedar Malwadkar
Kedar Malwadkar • Jun 2, 2013
The more the temperature of article to be cooled, the more power will be required to cool it.....

I think that's why this myth has formed.
zaveri • Jun 5, 2013
but what i have heard is that hotter the article, the more the effort the compressor puts in, but the compressor is not designed to overwork and hence it fails.
A refrigerator is just a heat pump. It only moves heat from a lower temperature to a higher temperature much like a water pump pumps water from a lower level to a higher level.
What KM says above is correct. There is not much difference between this situation and the one where one puts on a car AC when the car was cooking in the hot sun in the parking lot.
the mCp(delta T) of the mass that you put in has to be removed. Unless one puts in a huge amount of something like molten metal inside all that happens is that you see a higher bill.

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