bharathi shekar
bharathi shekar
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18 Jun 2012

Question Regarding Internships

The purchasing power of USD can be taken as about Rs.8/dollar. $6000/mo in US will work out to about Rs. 50, 000/mo in India. Nothing great.
hello sir..m an cs student...m in 2nd year...studying in sjce college mysore i think u might b knowing..i know c,c++,sql..can i get internships in any company??if not how i make my sem holidays usefull
Vishwanath J

Vishwanath J

Branch Unspecified
6 years ago
Hi. R u doing M.Tech or B.E!!! In JCE as i know there is a very good campus drive as well as internships.
If u r then u will get internship in companies, start applying soon to all companies career center online and approach ur senior frnds wrkng as pro intern in companies, they may refer u for project intern.

If u r BE student, u wont get internship at any companies....
U may plan ur semester holidays by bulding small scale projects on C C# Sql, Etc... or try to fill ur loop holes present in understanding these subjects... make it perfect.
Once u take one suject towards perfection, the happiness u get is cant be measured in marks also....

Then I Like Mys a Lot...
Very Beautiful n Hygenic City than Our Bangalore...

All the best...

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