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QTP certification

Any QTP certified guyz in CE family?

I am looking for QTP certification, poor me its a requirment for me; my current client is forcing all team members (automation engineers) to be certified in one automation tool.

Anybody with automation experience with certifications. Please pour some light.

Bumping this thread... any experienced guy who had QTP certification?
hey CB there is a certification provided by Hp in QTP and QC which costs around 10k.
But a 2 month earlier i heard the questions are not changing and the exam is of no use.
i am planning for the same will let you the details in a day or two.
Few of my collegues have done this Certification and said 2 days reading is enough for this one.

There is one more certification as well but it costs around 65K and proper details am not aware.
Thanks for the update, waiting for more information.
I asked one of my friend who has given it.


We need to get the learner ID in HP.
Then we can go to any prometric center and book for the exam and write it.
The cost when he wrote was around 8000INR.
i guess its now about 10K or so.
Cb and people who want to take the certification here is a bad news , people said that the questions are not very standard and if and only if client or company needs it go for it.. or else no need ...
My client is pushing the company that he need hp certified automation engineers :evil:
Then go for it CB the procedure is as mentioned above and more over it is a easy exam ..
but that is not individual QTP certification you need to do QTP + QC at once and that is also easy just 2 day reading will be enough it seems so all the best..
I do not have any plans to give QC. I enquired and came to know that If you give in wrtten that you do not have any plans to attempt QC certification in future in that case you can get QTP certification alone. And that will cost me around 4000 bucks (INR).

IS it so..
its fine but if you spend 2000 more you will get the QC certificate as well rite?
its good to have 2 certifications who knows if another client requires QC certification then we will be in trouble 😀
durga ch
durga ch • May 1, 2009
hey I was looking for this info as well!
Thanks Guys!

Can we write the exam online?
I eman is it mandatory to be presetn at the location or you can register online?
Its Online, but you need to be present at the ProMetric center only.

Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • May 1, 2009
Wow, had completely no idea what QTP was. Its automation tool to test software applications?
Yes it is a software automation tool. It was designed by Mercury niteractive and later on purchased by HP.

QC is a web-based test management tool also designed by Mercury niteractive and later on purchased by HP.

It seems there are more Automation Testers in CE 😀😀

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