Proximity Sensors

Hey guys
wanna know something bout different proximity sensors.....
as per my knowledge der r 5-6 types of proximity sensors
Our company is starting a new project in which we r planning 2 use some proximity sensor for calculating the flow and volume of liquid

Can anybody give any feature comparison sheet between different proximity sensors????
Based on the comparison on d basis of target distance, material, temperature and all d possible features we need to freeze our design with the selection of appropriate sensor.

Please help me in getting some comparison details between different proximity sensors...............


  • sauravgoswami
    Dude, u better go through the data-sheets,ask your vendor and most importantly interact with those who are using proximity sensor,a it will ensure longivity and qualioty design,sorry man but I dont have knowlegde abt sensors but i use this whenever m into something unknown to me!!

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