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verduzconi • Jul 7, 2008

Proximity Sensor to display LED color pattern.

Hi everybody!

Can anybody can help me or give me ideas/hints on how to design, what to use a circuit that will display with LEDs a color pattern depending on an object approximation to the circuit ?

Let me explain:

Say you have the circuit wich has RGB LED's; i need that whenever someone or something approximates to the proximity sensor (any type) the RGB LED fades into a different color upon closeness of such object. Say the RGB LED is set to display a default color Red; if something comes closer it FADES into blue, even closer and it fades to green until having a color (say white) for a 100% closeness to the circuit.

Any ideas ?? 😔
gohm • Jul 7, 2008
Not really my area, however how about an IR occupancy sensor hooked up to a speed controller and a servo? As the IR return rate increases due to closing distance, the speed controller would operate the servo which would switch your color. You could also hook it up to a x & y axis device (think tiny theramin) that would automatically ajust color based on spacial location.
reachrkata • Jul 8, 2008
I don't know about IR, but I surely know that Ultrasound is used for distance measurements in parking assist systems of cars. Its simple. Just use the distance data measured to control the LED.
I would suggest against servos. You anyway would using a uC to measure the distance. You the same to control the PWMs to the RGB LED, whereby you can give many colour combos.

ericlp • Feb 16, 2009
Hmmm, this sounds like an interesting project ... any updates on this?
khooper • Apr 16, 2009
So, it’s surprising that cars don’t have proximity sensors at the back to tell you when you’re too close to something. I think that some “luxury” cars do, but isn’t a proximity sensor something that could benefit everyone? Wouldn’t it make reversing so much easier for drivers, inexperienced or otherwise?
Ballast Resistor
by taking the reference from proximity sensors,you can use comparator to control your LEDS.

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