Proximity Sensor to display LED color pattern.

Hi everybody!

Can anybody can help me or give me ideas/hints on how to design, what to use a circuit that will display with LEDs a color pattern depending on an object approximation to the circuit ?

Let me explain:

Say you have the circuit wich has RGB LED's; i need that whenever someone or something approximates to the proximity sensor (any type) the RGB LED fades into a different color upon closeness of such object. Say the RGB LED is set to display a default color Red; if something comes closer it FADES into blue, even closer and it fades to green until having a color (say white) for a 100% closeness to the circuit.

Any ideas ?? 😔


  • gohm
    Not really my area, however how about an IR occupancy sensor hooked up to a speed controller and a servo? As the IR return rate increases due to closing distance, the speed controller would operate the servo which would switch your color. You could also hook it up to a x & y axis device (think tiny theramin) that would automatically ajust color based on spacial location.
  • reachrkata
    I don't know about IR, but I surely know that Ultrasound is used for distance measurements in parking assist systems of cars. Its simple. Just use the distance data measured to control the LED.
    I would suggest against servos. You anyway would using a uC to measure the distance. You the same to control the PWMs to the RGB LED, whereby you can give many colour combos.

  • ericlp
    Hmmm, this sounds like an interesting project ... any updates on this?
  • khooper
    So, it’s surprising that cars don’t have proximity sensors at the back to tell you when you’re too close to something. I think that some “luxury” cars do, but isn’t a proximity sensor something that could benefit everyone? Wouldn’t it make reversing so much easier for drivers, inexperienced or otherwise?
  • sauravgoswami
    by taking the reference from proximity sensors,you can use comparator to control your LEDS.

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