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hey can someone suggest me some good and new topics for B.E project in I.T/Computers field


  • Itanium
    If you are intersted in BioInformatics.. you do some projects related to Genetic Search Algorithms using XML as backend and JSP/J2EE (or any iNet tech) as frontend.
  • Maverick

    Decide your area of interest, or the area which you would like to make a career in, before you choose your project topic. From my experience, whether you plan to go for higher studies or take up a job after BE, your BE project may determine what you will be working on in the future. While choosing a topic think of your long term goals rather than short term problems such as availability of a guide, funding, scoring areas, team mates etc.

    I would suggest that you choose your field of interest first and then make a post to invite ideas in that field.

    Also, in my opinion choosing a complex problem and doing some good work on it (even if you may not be able to complete it and can continue to work on it later) is better than choosing an easy problem which can be easily completed.

    Do post your thoughts so that we can narrow down to a good choice.

  • neelam_neha
    want to do a project in or in microcontroller......
  • sourav ray
    sourav ray
    I have an very good idea for microcontroller /DSP processor based project. It' s called crowed-O-meter, basically a hock-eye camera input is needed to be verified against same standard crowed scale tamplets and you can predict how crowded the place is.

    I can not help you much with miccrocontroller or DSP Processor programming, as I am not in touch with such machine level coding for very long time. I can help you with algorithm, logic, UML and data flow.
  • neelam_neha
    hey thanks for your ideas bu can you please suggest me some topics related to with hardware included in it of low cost
  • neelam_neha
    hey do anyone have good ideas for project????
  • Mayur Pathak
    Mayur Pathak

    There are enough ideas in the above thread. VB is a mere software and microcontrollers have enough applications. First decide what project you wish to do. DO you have a project guide in your college? If you tel me any idea or select one from the above list, may be some one here can help you.

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