Project: Guide to the ultimate CE project report template

Hey Guys

Time to wake up. :sleeping: I see too many people asking for help in their projects and seminars. Me and Biggie were discussing about how we can help them. Since we are from different engineering backgrounds, we possibly cant solve all your project queries. But we can certainly help you prepare a report. So here is the task.

Job: Most of we guys are brilliant engineers. But not all have the ability to articulate our knowledge in the best way. So here is a task at hand. We need to come up with THE BEST project report template that can be used by one and all.

How will we do it?: We are a good mix of CEans who are students, experienced guys and wizards. Every one will have brilliant ideas. Let them come up. We will follow the same procedure the way we did it for designing resume template.

What we expect from you: Send over your suggestions. If you have project formats (your own), upload it on a file sharing utility and put the link here for people to look at it. Since project report is going to be a major document, we will start with the TOC. Then sample sections and so on.

Schedule: There is no hurry. But lets aim to complete it within a fortnight.

Please note that this project is for the help of CEans who are trying to create a project report. So it is important to keep it simple and real. Let us avoid copy paste.

Shoot your views. If you have doubts, the time to ask is now!


  • Lock-Os
    Well, for starters it should contain background information, project goal, device specifications, operational environment conditions, and if possible some schematics of the device.

    That should at least cover the basics. I don't think that anything else would add to the clarity of the report.
  • Mayur Pathak
    Mayur Pathak
    Good start Lock-Os. Let us remember to create a generic template that can be used by students of all engineering branches. Some might use it for study projects, some for experiments, some for seminars or some might have a working model.

    Keep them coming.
  • Mayur Pathak
    Mayur Pathak
    Its sad no body is interested in helping the student engineers. Otherwise we would have had replies here. Anyway... may be I will do it as a one man project with some ideas from Lock-Os.

    I'll work on the TOC and send across. Anyone interested in working with me?
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    How I've done it so far for most of my proposal reports:

    - Abstract (optional)
    - Intro/Problem statement (clear and concise)
    - Design Objectives/Requirements, Constraints, Criteria
    - Proposed Design/Solution (longest section, may have many subsections depending on project type)
    - Delegation of responsibility (if working in team)
    - Project Schedule (use things methods like PERT, Gantt Chart, etc)
    - Budget (if applicable)
    - References
    - Appendix (component datasheets, long codes, etc)

    I've used a hybrid of styles, such as APA and the IEEE ones. I feel the referencing style of APA is counter productive, so I use other ones πŸ˜›

    I'm not sure if the university or company you are working in is strict or has preference on a specific style for the sake of standardization. So watch out for that πŸ˜‰
  • Mayur Pathak
    Mayur Pathak
    Thanks Ash! That was great effort.

    Here is my table of content.
    1. Executive Summary (Can be called as an abstract or a prologue. This should be written after you finish the project, except if it is an abstract)
    2. Problem Definition (Or in case of a study project, it can be called as objective of the study)
    3. Proposed solution (explain in for theoretical and technical manner. Use proofs, past study instances and justify your answer. In case of study or research projects, give details of how do you wish to conduct the study and why)
    4. Expected Result (Its good to keep the expectations clear at the start)
    5. Assumptions and Constraints (including monitory constraints, if applicable. State all assumptions clearly, it is important.)
    6. Methodology (How are you going to go about completing the project and achieve the end result as desired. If you are following a project management protocol (say prince2) mention it and give a small account on why you selected it)
    7. Schedule (This is probably one of the most important sections. Prepare a Gantt Chart before hand if possible and adhere to it through out the project. If you cant prepare a chart, decide milestones and put a completion time to it. Best way is to divide the team and assign parallel responsibilities)
    8. Conclusion (Here is where you need to write how did you fare. You might want to write an account on highlights of the project.
    9. Appendices (Here is where you add all the graphs, charts, study tables, figures, diagrams, flow charts, codes, pictures etc. Number them properly and use them in your earlier sections with proper references mentioned every where. If possible, use footnotes)
    I think we will wait for another person to post a TOC. Then we will freeze and work on the individual sections.
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Nice and detailed, Mayur πŸ˜›

    Im thinking about the order "constraints" with regards to "solution". From my perspective, constraints would be derived from the problem statement (or other factors) and then be the acting guide for the proposed solution. That sort of fits the thinking process.

    Problem: Current application A is deemed expensive for the average citizen, blah blah
    Constraints: 1) Low Cost 2) Blah blah..
    Solution: The new product will utilize other cheaper but still effective mechanisms such as blah blah.
  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    Hello Ceans,

    Here i want to share my report with it may be helpful to make a CE-Ultimate Project Report Template.

    Sorry Mayur for replying too late here, I had made one format for Student Project Report. I can’t say this is a general format but I am sure that this will be helpful to Students. And I hop you may get some points that you can include in the CE-Ultimate Project Report Template. Points explained bellow is very important for a student project.

    Normally I had seen in colleges that they need a Specific project report format... I.e. Font and Font size selection and I think this is also a very important factor which makes your project simple but very attractive.

    They suggest Arial and Times New Roman. And personally I like Verdana and Celibri (MS Office 2007 Default font).

    Page Setup:
    Page setup is also very important factor.
    Page Border: you can use page border, but be careful and accurate while binding pages.
    Page Number: give page number. Never give page number to the title, certificate page give them after index page. I.e. from Introduction page. There are so many ways to give page numbers like normal 1, 2, 3…. In Roman figure I, II, III….not only this figure but using header and footer you can make page number very attractive.

    I proffer a colorful project report, but be careful while selecting colors use dark and eye catching color. And never forgot to BOLD them πŸ˜‰.

    Printed Watermark:
    There is option for printed watermark you can use your project title as a printed watermark.

    Title Page:
    Title page should consist of the detailed.

    Project Report​
    Submitted to​
    [Name of the Student(s)] (With/without roll number)​
    Guided by:​

    Certificate Page:
    You can divide this page into two different pages one for certificate from guide and HOD and another is for examiner. (You can also combine both in only one page)

    Here you can say thanks to your guide, company under which you had completed your project or any special person who has helped you in this project and some other lines like you are very happy after completing this project.
    πŸ˜‰ do not forgot to write your name at the right bottom side 😁

    Abstract, which represents the overview of your project. It should be informative enough that anyone can get familiar with your project and able to understand that what actually you are going to make.
    Also try to mention the some key features here.

    Index consist of Chapter name, Sub topic name with the page number. Before making index you must have to complete your whole project report.
    There are also different ways to represent Index you can use the simple one format ………………………… and another one is use a table format.
    From now the main section of the project report starts..

    In this section give the brief introduction of your project.

    Basic Concepts:
    Put the basic concepts of your project and if you have used any literature also mention them here. You can put a basic block diagram here.

    Middle portion of the Project report varies according to your project and your field.

    Testing Results:
    Under this category you can show your test results which you had perform on your project.

    Show your project’s application field here

    You can compare your project technology with the other existing technology and prove that your project technology is better than them. πŸ˜‰

    Limitation and future prospects:
    Explain the limitation of your project and also give the solution to overcome them. And show the future prospects of your project. How it will become a rocking one 😁




    right now i am creating the sample .doc file i will share with you fellows for the more description. you may get more information after that file.

  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    i had prepared that analysis mostly for students as we got so many queries by students regarding the project report.
  • Deepika Bansal
    Deepika Bansal
    Hey can anyone suggest me the project report template for uml (unified modeling language) design.πŸ˜•
  • Leo
    Hey Godfather, perfect template

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