Programmable current amplifier CA5350 amplifies extremely small signals

NF Corporation of Japan has announced a new programmable current amplifier model CA5350. Capable of amplifying extremely small signals provided by sensors, the amplifier is expected to be extensively used in research laboratories and also in electronic component production lines. NF Corporation provides electronic parts and control units for the satellites and spacecrafts. The CA5350 offers performance and ease of use in amplifying signals obtained from a variety of current output sensors. The required gain can be quickly set from the front panel.


There are other similar devices in the market however NF Corporation's CA5350 banks on its USP: Speed, without sacrificing the stability. The device comes equipped with latest technology that helps reduce the feedback capacity to zero. The feedback capacity directly affects the current amplifier characteristics. All the function modules in CA5350 have been developed by NF Corporation in-house. The gain is switched among 7 different hybrid integrated chips (ICs) for faster operating speeds.

A filter eliminates the noise induced because of the faster response times. It also takes care of the dark current with its current suppression function. The amplifier is currently being used in detecting signals in atomic force microscopes (aka AFM) and in scanning electron microscope (SEM). NF Corporation plans to make their new current amplifier available for R&D in electro-medical systems as well. Check out the following video -

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