Production of ball point

could anyone help me in explaining how the ball of a ballpoint pen produced so accurately.....wat is the technology behind this..;-)


  • tonycheerup
    helloooo... no one ther to help me sort it out.....
  • Raghavendra.RSP
    i am sorry. i didnt have answer for your question. i have the same doubt. if u traced out it, inform it to me. pleeeese
  • gohm
    Are you refering to the roller bearing or the technology that enables the ball point pen to work? The roller bearing is a sphere that sits in a cone allowing smooth movement and a uniform means of distributing the ink within the pen.
  • slugger
    Older metallic ball tips were machined by grinding them into a sphere

    Powder Metallurgy process is employed to manufacture the current cemented carbide ballpoint tips

    for more info google
    "ballpoint pen" +grinding +tip - Google Search
    "ballpoint pen" +"powder metallurgy" - Google Search
  • laby
    nice question..... pls inform me the ans when u recieve it.......

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