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balumankala • Apr 2, 2008

Problem with my PC

Hi Friends
Im facing a wiered problem with my CPU.
The problem is when ever i start my PC, the processor fan starts rotating faster than the normal speed which is causing lot of noise. When i contacted one of the computer service centres, he has changed the SMPS. But still i can see the processor fan is rotating than the normal speed. Even he has checked the processor fan and found that its working fine. Due to this over speed of the processor fan my system keeps on hanging regularly.
Please help me how can i resolve this problem
mahul • Apr 3, 2008
Perhaps your processor is getting overheated quickly( a hardware problem) or the temperature setting is set too low. Try running your PC with all the covers open and look for if there is any change in the fan speed. This might help identify the problem, or you can also try changing the temperature setting from the BIOS settings( do it with care).
friendster7 • Apr 3, 2008
it might not b the fan
the fan rotation increases to cool down processor
the faster rotation means ur processor is heating up sooner
check task manager n find out the prog taking max process
end the process
shud help
also try running system in safe mode n see if the prob persist
all the best
hope this info helps!
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Apr 3, 2008
Yes, frendster is correct. Check out which programs are consuming a lot of your processor resources.

I had an issue with Windows Update last time, which had a process that sucked up so much of my processing power. I had to disable it and download the fix from Microsoft.
balumankala • Apr 3, 2008
Hey Frnds, thanks a lot for ur response
For the past 5 to 6 months im running my PC with the cabinet overs open, so even that doesn't show much difference. And I have checked the task manager whether any process is utilizing high amount of CPU, but all of them seems to be normal. And also i have started my PC in safe mode, but I encounter the same problem. Even when i enter into the BIOS settings ( i guess BIOS wouldn't utilize much processor) , then also the fan roatates at a heavy speed. Is this a Mother board problem or Processor problem ?
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Apr 3, 2008
Can you check whether the Fan is set to "always on"? I saw that as an option on my laptop last time. Either you set it to on all the time, or set the speed according to processor temperature.

What kind of processor do you have, by the way?
friendster7 • Apr 3, 2008
give us more information of ur system specification..
balumankala • Apr 3, 2008
My Specifications are given below:
Intel pentium 4 with 2.6Ghz dual core processor
Intel 945GNT mother board
Earlier there was 512MB DDR ram, and since due to this over heat problem my pc was running slow so bought another 2GB RAM with same bus speed as the old RAM.
I have a 250GB IDE harddisk and a DVD R/W.
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Apr 3, 2008
Hmm.. I believe P4 dual cores are notoriously known for their overheating problems.

Check this page out: Computing.Net - P4 dual core overheating question

A solution is to get a better cooling solution ๐Ÿ˜€ You've already solved the airflow issue by opening the casing, haha. Maybe change to a better fan.. or add a water cooling thing.
balumankala • Apr 8, 2008
What is a water cooling thing?
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Apr 8, 2008
lol, sorry.. I meant a water cooling solution. It uses flowing liquid to dissipate heat from processors, RAMs, etc.

More info here: Water cooling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

and here: A Beginner's Guide For WaterCooling Your PC | Tom's Hardware

Before that, try replacing the existing fan a more bigger fan.. or additional fans if you casing allows for it!

If you notice under "references" in the Wikipedia article, there is our very own CEan mbeychok ๐Ÿ˜‰
soul_hacker • Apr 10, 2008
well its nothing to do with the fan.The processor fan depends on the loading of ur application on the pc.If there is loading on the pc then the fan will rotate to compensate the speed. Ths avoids the overheating of the processor. According to me your pc hangs up because of inadequate space in teh harddisk to run. Clean up your unwanted data and use registry cleaner speedup ur pc.
Other wise increase ur ram
balumankala • Apr 10, 2008
Hiii.thanks for ur response
I have a hard disk of 350GB with 11GB free space ( C: drive has 20 GB space)
And coming to the RAM, i have 2.5GB of RAM (DDR). Which looks both the HDD and RAM are sufficient.
Please advise
balumankala, is it possible if you change your processor? I believe that is the culprit. As i've mentioned before, that specific model has overheating problems, regardless of whether there is loading or not.
balumankala • Apr 11, 2008
Hmmmmm....even i was under the same impression.
Okay.....will try to change the processor
My mother board model is Intel 945GNT mother board, what all the possible processors will support?
Holy crap.. I just realised 945 is also my chipset too. In fact.. the Pentium D that I have IS a P4 dual core. I totally did not know this ๐Ÿ˜” No wonder Dell installed a big fan system right on top of the chip.

Check this out:
PC World - First Dual-Core Pentium 4 a Rush Job, Intel Says

I just got conned. However.. they are still good processors to overclock. As long as you invest in good cooling solutions ๐Ÿ˜€
friendster7 • Apr 11, 2008
how about changing ur cabinet which has at least to accompany 2 to 3 fans and how about having it.
balumankala • Apr 12, 2008
Thanks a lottt for ur amazing replies yaaar.....As a last solution i will change my processor
@friendster7, I have a cabinet with 2 Fans, anyway due to this problem im running my PC with both the cabinet covers opened.
Thanks a again for the help
arunbasillal • Jul 6, 2008
Well. I had a similar problem. The problm was with the cabinet. Modern Cabiets can be opened only on a single side. So Disk Drives and my SMPS cannot be fixed on both sides. So both my SMPS and my drives used to ram with the Cabinet walls and produce nasty sound.

I fixed this thing by placing a rubber pad for my drives. I had my SMPS replaced too. Now the sound is gone.

Try using a good SMPS, maybe you can borrow one from a friend. If the problem is not with the SMPS, get that verified by taking your SMPS to a freinds home..

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