Problem with 2 phase BLDC


I am designing a 2phase BLDC motor but it has starting problem.Once it is started it gives good performance but it do not start from all the locations.
if I move the rotor by hand it start's.

I have found that the torque passes through zero every 180 electrical degrees and if the rotor comes to rest at zero torque position by chance it fails to start next time.

I have read that spaceharmonic fluxes can be used to overcome this problem but I am anable to understand this.

Can anyone explain to me what is this spaceharmonic fluxes and how it can be used to overcome this problem or if anyone has some solution for this problem.

Thanks in advance



  • just2rock
    can u be a bit more specific....well till wat u explaind bout urs problem,i guess might smethin related to capacitors,and charge storage problems ur goin thru

    for furthur Consults do mail me at:= mail.for.soumik@gmail
  • mr_goofy
    One solution can be provided a spike of current at the start irrespective of rotor position - I assume you are using a commutation sequence to control the motor current.


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