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@RVignesh • 15 Jun, 2011
IN balancing of primary forces in reciprocating engine , when we consider a mass diametrically opposite to the given mass , and we resolve both the masses why do we consider only primary masses to be equal , ie mw^2rcosA=bw^2cosA
but why dont we consider balancing there other component😐
@sureshkumargce • 16 Jun, 2011 If we consider the masses are fully balanced,the resultant forces and the resultant couples are to be fully balanced. The Rotating masses will be fully by balanced.But when we consider the reciprocating masses "the resultant forces" will be completely balanced but "the resultant couple" won't be balanced. so that only we called reciprocating masses are only partially balanced.
for this reason we consider only the forces for balancing the masses.

Primary force: mrw^2cos2A

secondary forces:[mrw^2cos2A]/n

The primary forces acting along the piston will produce 1)tractive force and2)Swaying couple

The primary forces acting perpendicular to the piston will produce the hammer action.
@RVignesh • 16 Jun, 2011 so what you are saying is that , reciprocating engines are partially balanced because only forces are balanced and not the couple.
@sureshkumargce • 16 Jun, 2011 ya.,exactly.
@gabasanyam • 26 Jun, 2011 but even forces are also not completely balanced if we try to balance them by placing a mass diametrically opposite to mass at the crank radius it will jus change the direction of unbalanced force to perpendicular to the line of stroke

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