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Pre-Social Network 'Jyotish' Predicts Where You Are Going

Question asked by smriti in #Coffee Room on Nov 29, 2011
smriti · Nov 29, 2011
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If Social Network brought people with same interests together virtually, Pre-Social Network just made them meet. Something like 'Minority Report', only this system doesn't predict crimes but a lighter fact, your next hang out place. This concept was designed at the Boeing's research centre at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. The system is named Jyotish, the Sanskrit name for Hindu Astrology.

The Boeing centre originally used it to predict the movement of its work crew but the system developers believed a larger potential lies in the system. Long Vu, one of the developers, explains the Jyotish working mechanism as 'mapping of people's movements'. The mapping is done by monitoring their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections which have a range of 100 metres and 10 metres respectively. This circumference is small enough to pick user's locations and who they meet.


This test was carried out by giving 79 people android smartphones and tracking their Wi-Fi activities. The detailed log was then accumulated and was used to create a mobile version of Facebook, one which allows people in the same area to create a "hang-out event". This could also be reverse engineered to create a hang-out event by people who are likely to be in the same location in future.

A major concern remains here that if the process is this simple, users' privacy could be compromised on, giving stalkers an upperhand. But as long as privacy is maintained, Pre-Social Network remains a great idea.

Now that's one 'Jyotish' you could place your bets on.

Article Source: New Scientist Image Credit: JonathanRosenbaum Posted in: #Coffee Room

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