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PowerConnect 7000 – New Ethernet Switches From Dell

Question asked by hackerboy in #Coffee Room on Apr 4, 2011
hackerboy · Apr 4, 2011
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Dell has released next version of PowerConnnect enterprise Ethernet switches,? the PowerConnect 7000 with more advanced features than the earlier 6000?series which was introduced in 2004. Before I tell you more about these? switches, let me elaborate on Ethernet switches for those not knowing much? about networking.

A network switch can be defined as a device which helps in connecting? different segments of a network. In the OSI model of networks, the second ?layer is the data link layer and the third layer is the networking layer. A network? switch is generally referred to that device which routes the data at the data?link layer of the OSI model. Other switches which can process the data at ?the third level i.e. the network layer also are called as layer 3 switches or? multilayer switches. An Ethernet switch is used to control the simultaneous ?flow of data from all the switch ports of a switch and avoid any ‘collisions’ i.e.?any interference caused by one transfer to other and thus eliminating the need?of retransmission as in the case of hubs.


The 7000 series has layer 3 gigabit switches with two options – 24 or 48 ports.? There have been many advances in the network switch technology in the ?past few years and it seems that Dell has incorporated most of the advanced? features in these new series. The 7000 series has a set of six switches which? can be used at many places over a Local Area Network (LAN).These switches?meet the IEEE 802.3az energy efficient Ethernet standard. The low power ?consumption is achieved by making the ports with low traffic (low amount of?data transfer) ‘sleep’ and thus reducing the per port power consumption by ?maximum 50%.These switches also meet the IEEE 802.3 at standard to deliver?30 watts power over Ethernet cables which can be connected to robotic? surveillance cameras , video phones etc. The enterprise data centre version?of these switches offers auto-configuration facility for ISCSI (Internet Small? Computer System Interface).The other features offered by this series include ?redundant and hot-swappable fans and power supplies. This series in not going?to replace the earlier 6000 series, for convenience of those customers who? don’t need the 7000 series features. It is available worldwide and the starting ?prices lie in the range of US $3300 to $6500. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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