• Rajni

    MemberJan 18, 2014

    Police CAR @ CES 2013

    WHAT A CAR !
    Correction, WHAT A POLICE CAR !!!

    Ford had shown a marvel for the Police department. This has an inbuilt Laptop (like device); communication device, Flood lights, cameras, communication devices, Extremely solid exterior; and many small things that you can't even imagine.

    I hope developed countries police will get a access of these cars sometime soon (Probably the are the one who indeed need them anybody else)

    What's you views about this amazing piece of work
    PS: (Although this is a year old video; I couldn't stop myself to show this to others).
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  • Shrikant Bedekar

    MemberJan 21, 2014

    This is a police car? what does the common man use then? Look at the massive flood light, its almost as if they have attached an Aeroplane light onto it, the massive screen, keypad, communication systems, you sure don't wanna mess with police.
    Are you sure? This action cannot be undone.
  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran

    MemberJan 21, 2014

    This makes me to think about Arab country's police cars.Follow the link to know more :

    So I bet Arab would be the first to put it into act.
    Are you sure? This action cannot be undone.
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