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@Dhananjay Harkare • 15 Feb, 2015
Bike lovers, rejoice! Polaris Industries has launched The Indian Chief Dark Horse at Chicago Auto Show. The model is completely black and would be available with difference in features compared to Indian Chief Classic, though both models are mechanically identical. Interestingly, the latest model is cheaper by $2000 than Classic. Overall design is something that any bike lover would find attractive. The single-seat capacity motorcycle will soon be hitting showrooms at an attractive price tag starting from $16,999 while the Chief Classic is available from $18,999.

Indian-Chief-Dark-Horse-1 Indian-Chief-Dark-Horse-2 Indian-Chief-Dark-Horse-3
The Indian Chief Dark Horse comes with single seating capacity but an additional passenger seat, foot pegs, floor beds and other accessories could be ordered separately form Genuine Indian Motorcycle Accessory. The company revealed the images of the motorcycle at the Auto Show and the look is somewhat like Batmobile that we saw in movies. Several other features of the latest machine includes Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), remote key fob for keyless ignition, oil cooler, analogue fuel gauge, driving lights of Chief Classic and electronic cruise control etc. the motorcycle comes with two years factory warranty without any restriction on mileage. It is believed that with decreased pricing, the company is planning to give tough competition to Harley Davidson

The motorcycle come with same engine Thunder Stroke 111 cubic inches with dual exhaust. The chrome has been dropped reducing the weight by about 3 percent. Without fuel, The Indian Chief Dark Horse weighs about 751 pounds. Extra accessories that can be added include ape hanger handlebars, heat shields, black fender trims etc.

Via Rush Lane
@Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran • 16 Feb, 2015 Wow super cool entry from Polaris
@zaveri • 16 Feb, 2015 how nice of them to do that

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