• HI there...Iam a 1st year Electrical engineering student.My friends and I wanted to do a project on Electric cars...n' i was assigned with it's Battery part...I had an Idea o' usin' the suspension system to recharge the battery..usin' a that i could harness energy from every bump i plz if any one could help me..let know..Thank u...
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  • Ashraf HZ

    MemberApr 12, 2008

    Hi Ron, welcome to CE! Are you talking about a real electric car, or those small RC cars? Regardless, I dont think the transducer(s) will produce enough to recharge the battery in either case, if you use the standard piezoelectric transducers. Perhaps if you make use of a electromagnetic solenoid, that might be a little effective.. but anywayz, good idea though 😉

    How about trying to harness the heat from the motors or circuit components? That would require you to dig into the use of MEMs transducers though.
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  • eccentronix

    MemberApr 13, 2008

    ya, the solenoid sounds pretty... how about the concept on which the dynamic microphone works... not sure on how much current that could produce... if ur using a suspension system, the coil could be linked to the springs...hmmm, im just spitting whatever is coming to my mind...
    is there a way that the tires be connected back to a coil somehow so that they may inturn produce current to charge the battery?
    ill update this if i get more ideas...
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