• hbk

    MemberJun 30, 2008

    PHP- dynamic form action

    hi guys.

    i want to be able to redirect my form to a page, based on the input provided by the user.

    eg. On my form, i ask the user whether he likes ice-creams or chocolates.
    Suppose he says ice-creams. I then direct him to a page showing the flavours of ice creams i have. If, instead, he says that he likes chocolates, i direct him to a page showing the chocolate varieties i have.

    how can i code this using HTML/PHP.

    I know it can be done using javascript, but then, is javascript the only option??

    is it not possible usning only HTML/PHP??

    please somebody provide the javascript code for the same, in case you feel that javascript is the only option availale.

    thanks a ton.
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