Phones Vs Computers?

Phones may carry a part of activity of a pc but its never a competitor to it. Both are different. It may be any kind of ultra modern technology but couldn't match up with the capability of a slow computer. Do you agree? please explain..


  • Anoop Kumar
    Anoop Kumar
    Can you list out what a hight end phone can't do the things a (slow computer) computer of mid range 5 years back can do?
    you have to take care of screen size.
  • mail154
    phone is something which is made for mobile has improved a lot and does things which a computer can do.but do you think its gonna beat what its imitating in its every phase of development?
  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal
    How about Phone+Computer ?
    Ubuntu Edge : Where Two Worlds Meet.
  • mail154
    Its great but let it be generalized.. will phone+computer will ever be = to computer? and what about other phones,do you think that a smart phone can do all kinds of stuff which a computer can do?
  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    You can implement all the sophisticatwd features in a phone same as pc bit we cant feel the power and love for pc in phones.
    We should not debate on this topic as it is a comparison of two different devices made initially for other reasons.

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