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    MemberSep 14, 2008

    PCB Layout Design Consideration

    Hi Guys,

    I've came across this blog which discuss a lot about PCB Layout Design Consideration.

    Stray Capacitance
    High Frequency Input Current Path
    PCB Components: Via Hole
    PCB Components: Copper Planes
    PCB Components: Copper Trace
    USB 2.0 Board Design and Layout Guidelines
    Analog, PLL, and Digital Power Supply Filtering
    USB 2.0 Differential Trace DP/DM and Crystal Oscil...
    Image Plance for USB 2.0
    Signal Routing for High Speed Signals
    Planes and Split Planes
    AC Coupling Capacitors for PCI Express
    Test Points, Vias and Pads
    Breakout Areas Considerations for PCI Express
    Trace Bends for Differential Pairs
    Trace Length and Length Matching
    PCI Express Width and Spacing
    PCB Stackup and Reference Planes PCI Express
    Impedance, Reflections and Termination
    Component Placement
    Bypass or De-coupling Capacitors Considerations
    Things Need to Know Before Starting PCB Layout

    Hope you Enjoy reading..
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