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awais.uia • Mar 20, 2012

packet analysis using wireshark

Anybody have idea that can we see our colleague activities using wireshark....Any idea from people using wireshark
durga ch
durga ch • Mar 21, 2012
please put wire shark to better use than to snoop onto friend's activities
awais.uia • Mar 21, 2012
but we have given a task (a project) to analyse traffic using wireshark in WLAN ......and supposed to come up with a pie chart that the traffic load in different timings...e.g rush hours...qiet hours...etc....
durga ch
durga ch • Mar 21, 2012
ok.while using wireshark , you should be able to trace the type of data flowing, from specific sopurce and destination addresses -
Below two links might help you
frost00 • Mar 23, 2012
You could use wireshark to initially show a handshake, then demonstrate different types of activity on a network. Your initial pie chart could show the network operating with just background noise, then gradually scale up the activity.

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