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25 Aug 2008

One of the best website for Networking..

Hello everyone,below is the link for one of the best site for n/w profeesionals...
You can also use the online Cisco Lab - The World's First Free Cisco Lab!

One thing i would like to ask you Biggie.
Why dont we create a column where we can post the links for some really good stuff(websites) if we find them on internet.
Everytime we google, we really find some informative websites that can give knowledge in all aspects.
I am sure everyone will take part proactively in it as we are here to share knowledge and educate people and become an Allrounder(well Engineers are!).
What you say???
25 Aug 2008
Don't you think our existing sections can accommodate all these links - in specific sections? A new section would be okay - but it will be like Google when it grows.

Instead, I recommend everyone to use our search feature.

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