• Oscar Mayer, the American meat company famous for its wieners, has created the first-ever, bacon scented app and plug-in accessory. It has made use of some potential bacon-themed dreams into its new advertising video to promote its new alarm-clock iPhone app and dongle. This app wakes up its user with sizzling bacon sounds and tiny puffs of bacon aroma. Users can set an alarm in the app and plug the attachment into the iPhone's headphone jack. After doing this user should take a good night's sleep until the sizzling starts and aroma of bacon comes out of the attachment all around the user.

    Tom Bick, Senior Director of Bacon claims that nearly 2 million of [HASHTAG]#bacon[/HASHTAG] mentions on Instagram revealed that people never get tired of bacon. Hence, this idea motivated their team decide and develop a device what people love the most. Now you might be thinking well what is this wonderful package priced at? Well to this I would say its free! Sounds great right? However, the matter of fact is that you need to apply for plug-in scent diffuser and must answer a quick quiz on their #-Link-Snipped-# and finally hope to be selected as an ‘official bacon beta tester.’ Also one of the most important things is that "The plug-in accessory is not for sale". The winners of this quiz will receive the device within four to six weeks after the registration ends.

    Last summer,The Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon had unveiled a campaign just ahead of Father’s Day called “Say It with Bacon” that referenced jewelry ads and the romance surrounding hand-crafted goods. Yet again this latest invention has dropped in from the same institute, which dubs itself as the "consortium of the world's greatest bacon minds dedicated to unlocking the bacon's deepest mysteries for the benefit of bacon lovers all around the globe".

    Oscar Mayer says the aroma-producing device won't be sold in stores and that quantities are limited. The company is giving away 4,700 devices beginning Thursday. This seems to be heaven for beacon lovers as this new app will transform the entire experience of waking up with the old noisy alarm tone into their room filled with amazingly wonderful bacon-scented aroma and sizzling bacon sound. Share your thoughts in comments below.

    Source: #-Link-Snipped-#
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