Not OS-War, But I Just Want To Know Your Views.

Please reply only if you're non-gamer, a developer & a normal user with no extra work except browsing internet & doing normal things.

- You're developer, so open environment is always good for you. So why you prefer closed source over opensource ?
- Windows & Mac OS X is ugly(This will ignite the flame, Do i care ?) , Linux is beautiful because you have so many desktop environments to choose : XFCE, Gnome,KDE, LXDE, Unity.
- Linux have better compiler (GCC)
- You can create applications for Linux the same way you can create for Windows.
- Linux is free.
- You can get help from forums in within 2 minutes after posting question.
- You can watch movies, listen songs.

Inshort, you can do everything which you can do in Windows or OS X.
Then why not Linux ?
Is it because there's lack of awareness/marketing for Linux or some other reason ?
If it's other reason, share your opinions.


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