Not everybody is same.

I don't know why i am posting my personal feelings here but i want to throw out this burden thing from my heart.
I turned 20 this year.
I was in a relationship from the last one year.Just broke up,5 days before my birthday.I love her so much,but i think she don't care.She broke the relationship,shattering all my dreams..I was sure that she will be the first one to call me on my birthday,but i was wrong.She didnt call at 12 o'clock.
Next morning,a big shock was waiting for me..She just messged me.
"A two liner msg with no feelings was there in my inbox"
The value of my birthday was not even 2rps so that she can call.
After one hour,when i didnt replied to her msg,a call came.
Just a single call.She not even tried the second time.

A few days before i was expecting this birthday to be an "unforgettable day" with my life partner spending the whole day with me but this turned out to be a complete disaster.


  • crook
    With all respects to your feelings, I'd say you shouldn't value your worth from someone else's eyes.

    Have a dialoge with her & try to set up the things. If that doesn't help, move on. It might hurt a bit, but you'll recover.

    All The Best!
    Thanks dear for your concern.Talk with her is now impossible.The best idea is to move on.

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