Nokia's Android Phone Release News Grips Tech Town

Nokia was once the most dominant cellphone company. But after Android got popular Nokia lost its position in the cellphone market as it was slow to evolve with time. As the saying goes "It's better to be Mr. Late then being Late Mr.", Nokia started working on developing Android phones when Microsoft struck the $7.4 billion deal last September to buy Nokia's handset business creating Nokia Windows phone.


Nokia was a king in Indian and other countries cellphone market, but after Android launch it lost its position and is still struggling to get it as Windows is not working for it. May be because the Windows phones launched by Nokia are in the pricier smartphones category. As Microsoft is now trying to compete with Apple's iPhones and Samsung's Galaxy devices.

To improve its position in market Nokia might think of moving towards Android as Nokia X Aka Normandy Leaks Yet Again. New Features Revealed. is increasing(one of them is launch of Nokia X). And the circumstances are asking Nokia to do so as Android users are increasing day by day as #-Link-Snipped-#. It would be interesting to see how consumers will respond to Nokia Android phones(If Nokia releases an Android Phone).


  • ahmed sarfraz
    ahmed sarfraz
    nokia may be working on Appolo but nokia will not go for anroid. It's all bull crap.
  • Netradeep Dhonde
    Netradeep Dhonde
    It may be a highly customized version of android with no access to app store. Instead, a nokia services would be provided with a store similar to that of kindle.

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