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Nokia Lumia x20 series - the best one??

In Indian smartphone market we have Nokia Lumia 520 (~10-11K), 620 (14-15K), 720 (18-19K), 820 (23-24 K) and 920 (35-38 K).

Feature wise, except Lumia 520 all have front and back camera, all have windows 8.

720, 820, 920 have gorilla glass, great touch experience.

820, 920 high end processor and RAM

With Windows Lumia X20 series now Nokia is challenging the Samsung and Apple. If not better but surely they are answer to each and every product of Samsung and Apple. Which one do you think are the most value to price for Lumia Series.

My Vote goes to Nokia Lumia 720 (18 K).

Yours please, and why?

lal • May 18, 2013
My choice is Lumia 720 too.

For me, 4G Network support can wait. I will not be complaining even if I have only a 6.1MP image sensor and cannot record full HD videos, it is not going to be my primary camera anyway. With a 1GHz dual core processor and 512MB ram, this is powerful enough for me. As an added advantage, Lumia 720 will consume less power than the rest two and will last longer on its 2000 mAh battery compared to the 1650 mAh storage of Lumia 820 and 2000 mAh battery of Lumia 920.

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