Nokia Aeon Concept Phone

Nokia Aeon Concept Phone

Nokia have introduced another concept phone which is quite smart. It is based on 2 touch sensative screens fastened together by fuel cell battery. Nokia is keen to have phones like this hit the market and also have them wearable.

Nokia has released images of Aeon, a concept phone that combines two touch-sensitive panels mounted on a fuel-cell power pack.

Each of the panels is capable of being used independently. The touch-screen displays man that all 'buttons' are virtual, so in one situation one panel could operate as the display, the other as the keypad. In another the roles could be reversed. Or each display could serve both functions.

The 2 touch screens can act as anything you like, such as the buttons on one side, the screen on the other, or in any form you like.

Devices like this are all part of Nokia's vision of 'wearable technology'. Users could wear the lightweight panels as a badge, or connected to a wrist-strap.

Nokia are also keen to establish a new wireless standard. Wibree is basically an upgraded bluetooth which would allow the Aeon to be a 'thin-client', farming out processing and storage tasks to static servers.





  • gohm
    Very cool idea! I would like it if it was hinged in the middle. You could fold it in half to protect the screens, open it up or even fold them back to back. If this comes on the market I might be able to pick up an iphone then😁
  • just2rock
    This is called innovations...good for all gizmo freeks like m,anyways i have gone through it last year already😉

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