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rohit bisht
rohit bisht • Oct 28, 2010

no iductors in IC'S

why IC'S consists of no inductors??
and which type of TV system is used in INDIA?
aj_onduty • Oct 29, 2010
Inductors are basically wires wound which offer inductance. They cannot be scaled down to a size small enough to use in ICs. THat is the reason why ICs have no inductors!
Hope this would suffice your requirement. Correct me if you are wrong!
shreyasm89 • Dec 31, 2010
Aj is right. We do not have inductors in IC. For more information refer books on VLSI. Also we use PAL system in India
Arp • Jan 12, 2011
inductors are not used due to their bulky size. we can use gyrators if u want.
hey friends i think you all are not exactly correct check here for inductor in IC's
Method of fabricating integrated coil inductors for IC devices - Patent 6720230

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