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MMB • Apr 5, 2012


Hey, I am a CS graduate 2012 from a pvt self financing college. And just like many of my classmates i want to be an IITian, badly.. I have a good score 2012 CS(Score: 520, No privilege). I searched and understood IIT is not possible, but some NIT may admit me. I do have plans to go to Hyderabad for GATE coaching. How much of assured can I be, for a drastic betterment in my score? Should I take some coaching or join straightaway? If any have an experience or some suggestion, please reply..
Pensu • Apr 5, 2012
It depends on how much dedicated you are in your preparation! Anyways, coaching does help and i have seen people going from AIR 24,000 to 131 through one year coaching. So, there are good chances of drastic betterment, provided you are ready to work for it....😀
MMB • Apr 5, 2012
That is great. THANK YOU.
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Apr 29, 2012
Self study is sufficient if you have all the concepts clear about various topics in Computer Science. If not, go for a decent coaching. All the best. 👍 Keep us updated.

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