New BSNL FTTH Tariff Plans [ 2013 - 2014 ]

I've been using BSNL FTTH service (unlimited 2 Mbps) plan and totally satisfied with the quality of service. My only complaint has been with the tariff BSNL has on the FTTH plans. The 2 Mbps plan costs me about Rs. 4600 per month inclusive of all the taxes. However, BSNL's come up with new FTTH tariff plans effective from September 01, 2013. After speaking with the BSNL executives, I've mixed feelings about the plans. Take a look at the tariff table -


The first and biggest gain the service gets is the speed boost. The lower speed plans have been scrapped and the minimum speed on FFTH now offers is 10 Mbps (FiBro ULD 3999)! The caveat here is that the speed lasts only for 50 GB. Beyond the data limit, the speed drops to pathetic 512 Kbps. The same goes with the FiBro ULD 5999 plan, which gives an upgrade on the data limit but restricts it to 100 GB. Note that the speed it offers is up to 20 Mbps and if the quality of the service is accounted, you should actually get 20 Mbps!

The FiBro ULD 9999 ups the game to 50 Mbps till 150 GB and 1 Mbps beyond it; while the top plan FiBro ULD 16999 offers 100 Mbps speeds for only 200 GB and drops it to 2 Mbps beyond the threshold.

My Opinion: BSNL seems to think that users want only speed. That's not true. Even with 2 Mbps unlimited and above average usage; my data usage goes to the 55 Gb range monthly. I'm quite sure that heavy downloaders and torrent aficionados will consume all the 50 or 100 GB data limits in not more than 2-3 days.

In addition, the corporate users are going to be heavily disappointed by these new FTTH tariff plans. Add 10 users and you will cross the 100 GB data limits in not more than 5-10 days. Once that limit is crossed, you just can't imagine running 10 connections on 512 Kbps line.

I hope BSNL rethinks their pricing plans and offer more data consumption to the customers. Otherwise, there's no point in subscribing to these new plans. What do you think?​


  • [Prototype]
    Sadly, there are next to no providers who give unlimited plans. I don't know what's wrong with them. Year after year, we're just going backwards. Before they had unlimited and now almost no one have it. May the inventor of FUP go to hell..😡
  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal
    I don't know exactly, but I have read somewhere that FUPs are there just to control the piracy. Anyways, MTNL have few very good UL plans. I don't know why BSNL don't have same cheap plans with faster bandwidth.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    FUP is alright. It doesn't matter to me because all my internet use is 'fair use'. What's concerning for me is the limits they've put on the data transfers. Imagine a 5-10 people startup team using the 100 GB data plan. Expect all of it to get consumed in not more than a few days; depending on the usage of course. If the 10 Mbps dropped to 2 Mbps, I'd still be happy. Let the 20 Mbps drop to 4 Mbps and I'll still be happy. But when you say 512 Kbps; I've no option but to reject you!

    I had a word with the BSNL FTTH executives and they too said that their existing customers aren't happy with the latest plans. They've informed the decision making authorities about it and hopefully an action will be taken. My suggestion - increase the transfer limits to at least 500 GB and everyone should be happy. Also don't drop the speeds below 4 Mbps for any of the plans beyond threshold!

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