"NETWORK ERROR Windows cannot access \\My Data\ d - you do not have permission to access...

I connected two Windows 8 PCs using cross over cable. The connection was successful and I shared D partition. Both the PCs are in the same workgroup..But when i click on the shared partition on the other PC, i get this error:

Windows cannot access \\My Data\ d - you do not have permission to access... "

When i shared the partition, i gave full permission to view and edit files. Also, in Advance Networking and Sharing, i turned on file and printing sharing. And i didn't set any passwords. So why am i getting this error?

How do i solve this problem. I am a beginner in networking.
thank you


  • rahul69
    @#-Link-Snipped-# I think first u should check that the computer is accessible (It may sound silly,but believe me, it can cause such problems), so just ping both computers from each other (one by one) and see the access time is not too high.
  • Dhaval Pujara
    Dhaval Pujara
    try this
    go to the property of the connection and try giving ip address
    for example :
    change last digit for second pc
    and then try it may work

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